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The platform provides different services that aim to create a “quality mobility system” on Social Innovation and faciliate the most suitable matching between university students and hosting organizations around Europe.

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The mobility for traineeship in the framework of Erasmus+ is a great opportunity for hosting organizations and university students to exchange innovative ideas, to develop competencies, to improve the know-how and to internazionalize the working enviroment …

“During my traineeship I carried out various activities, which allowed me to increase my professional skills. […]. I did everything in English, and this has certainly improved my verbal and written skills in this language. I carried out different tasks under the supervision of the mentor assigned to me by the hosting organization, but I certainly learned how to independently manage my work and time …”

Federica Piscitello, former trainee with SEND Mobility Consortium

“For MEH, having interns is not only a way to help them to grow and gain valuable skills. Myself and my colleagues can also learn a lot from them. […]. Having people around Europe also creates important connections to different countries. Our interns become ambassadors of our way to work and help us in enlarging connections for new potential partnerships. ”

Anna Bellan, Merseyside Expanding Horizons’ tutor

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SEND Mobility Platform is a digital tool provided with different functions, which are though and created to support students and hosting organizations for quality and effective mobility experiences in the field of Social Innovation! START TO DISCOVER THEM BY SURFING ON SEND MOBILITY PLATFORM!