SEND Mobility Platform provides different services that aim to create a “quality mobility system” in the field of Innovation.

It faciliates the most suitable matching between university students/innovators and organizations around Europe, provides information and support to implement, prepare and evaluate Erasmus+ mobility for traineeship managed by SEND Mobility Consortium.


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A mobility project to mitigate global warming

I cannot start this report without saying that this European mobility experience has been great thanks to the people that I met and the beautiful city that welcomed me. My traineeship took place in Valencia (Spain) from the 17th of October to the 31st on January. The CMT – Motores Tèrmicos – Universidad Politecnica de… Read more “A mobility project to mitigate global warming”

Marco Piras

Inspiring and challenging experience at St. Vincent’s Hospital University in Dublin

I’m extremely proud to have concluded my Erasmus+ Traineeship experience at St. Vincent’s Hospital University, in Dublin. It has been such an inspiring, challenging and enriching journey, which made me realize even more clearly that surgery is my path. I was given the opportunity to develop practical skills for my professional career, whilst engaging with… Read more “Inspiring and challenging experience at St. Vincent’s Hospital University in Dublin”

Bianca Bertirossi

An Unforgettable Experience in Granada!

I am Carmelo Cona specialized in Economics and Business Management at the Kore University of Enna. I decided to participate in the Erasmus+ Traineship call offered by the Send Consortium, because upon completion of my master’s degree I could take advantage of this wonderful internship outside Italy, and honestly an internship abroad allows you to… Read more “An Unforgettable Experience in Granada!”

Carmelo Cona

Traineeship at a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence

My name is Daniel and I’m a physical therapy student from the University of Cagliari, in Sardinia. I attended my traineeship experience at the Isokinetic rehabilitation clinic in London for a period of 2 months, between December 2021 and February 2022. Isokinetic London is a private Sports Medicine rehabilitation centre, treating adult outpatients affected by… Read more “Traineeship at a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence”

Daniel Pilia Romero

Erica at Flor de Rosassa

At Flor de Rosassa  was the first time receiving an ERASMUS student and we didn’t know what the experience would be like. In our team some of the staff are over 45 years old and do not speak English, so it could be a problem for Erica or a learning barrier as she is Italian.… Read more “Erica at Flor de Rosassa”

Flor de Rosassa

Discovering the role of a Sociologist into a big organization!

From 2nd August to 29th October, I have been an Intern of Don Bosco Youth-Net thanks to the selection of SEND Mobility Consortium. The internship was mostly related upon communication management, as described in the Learning Agreement Traineeship, and devoted to the development of specific competences and knowledge, such as: learning about the Organisation and… Read more “Discovering the role of a Sociologist into a big organization!”

Viviana Condorelli

A life-changing Experience to growth as Global Citizens

Since the planning process of my mobility, I had to face the extremely difficult pandemic context, keeping constantly up to date both with my university, the hosting institution and SEND. I received all necessary support and, even if I had to postpone my mobility of two weeks, I managed to reach the hosting institution and… Read more “A life-changing Experience to growth as Global Citizens”

Davide Musco

A great Tutor for a “Millenial Gaze”

My internship at the National Museum of Archeology in Lisbon was a good experience, even if it was a bit conditioned by the pandemic situation. The first part of my internship was dedicated to study the catalog of the temporary exhibition, “Idols – Millenial Gazes”, and to visit the museum collections and the museum ambients.… Read more “A great Tutor for a “Millenial Gaze””

Simone Tortora

A Dynamic and Modern Reality for Architecture

My name is Cristiana Messina, I’m a 25 years old Italian Architect, recently graduated at University of Palermo. In order to increase my knowledge in a new environment, comparing myself with different mentalities and cultures and adding a positive experience to my resume, I decided to participate in the call for applications of SEND for… Read more “A Dynamic and Modern Reality for Architecture”

Cristiana Messina

Social Innovation in Healthcare

At the end of November 2020 I concluded my Erasmus traineeship experience, promoted by the  organisation SEND Sicily, at the Pediatric Surgery Department of Tübingen’s University Clinic in  Germany. The aim of the project was to promote social innovation, in my case in the health field.  During my internship at department 32 of Crona Klinik… Read more “Social Innovation in Healthcare”

Daniele Scordato

Blended Mobility to respect anti-Covid measures

After my graduation in Political Science and International Relations, I decided to undertake an  experience of working abroad with the Erasmus+ project. Despite the  difficult year that we are living , I tried to jump into this project in Poland.  Having already done an Erasmus period I was already psychologically prepared for all the  unexpected… Read more “Blended Mobility to respect anti-Covid measures”

Chiara Bellanca

Provide opportunities to get Fresh ideas

Leaders First main business it to provide professional networking, education and personal branding services to highly skilled professionals through online and in-person events, trainings, dinners, and various marketing activities. Subscription based services in the form of annual membership for international based audience. We regularly host international trainees as we are an educational company and it is… Read more “Provide opportunities to get Fresh ideas”

Leaders First

Full-fledged employee at Air Malta

Having such an experience made me grow a lot. Collaborating with Air Malta was an honor for me because it is an important company. From day one, they treated me like a full-fledged employee. I have had the same rights and duties as any employee and they have entrusted me with important assignments. I also… Read more “Full-fledged employee at Air Malta”

Giusy Prezzavento

Two months in Calais as Human Rights Observer

I decided to participate to the Erasmus for Social Innovation program because it was a perfect opportunity to live an experience in a field which I am really interested in. For long time I have had the desire to go to Calais, a town situated in the North of France, sadly popular for the desperate… Read more “Two months in Calais as Human Rights Observer”

Francesca Emmulo

Surprising Poland!

It was a really useful experience. After my graduation in June,I decided to take this opportunity to live an educational and multicultural experience and to get introduced to advanced research tools and different practical laboratory approaches in order to achieve a stronger awareness of my professional career, growing both professionally and personally, having myself always… Read more “Surprising Poland!”

Filomena Perillo

A real European citizen!

My name is Francesco Di Simone . I am graduated in Engineering management at “Università degli studi di Palermo” on 22nd March 2019. After that I started my traineeship experience few weeks after the 1st April in Brussels, Belgium. My receiving organisation was EuAbout-European Researches and Projects for Educational, Cultural and Social innovation. The office… Read more “A real European citizen!”

Francesco Di Simone

Liberating experience to overcome fears

My mobility experience at National LGBT Rights Organization in Lithuania was very short, yet very intense. I had the exceptional luck of having some of the best flatmates you could ever find. I shared most of my experiences with them and I always knew that, once I got back home, I had a friend there… Read more “Liberating experience to overcome fears”

Alessia Florimo

An oasis for the people in the neighborhood

During 2018-2019 we sent, together with SEPIE, 71 students of Professional Development to carry on their internships in different European countries with Erasmus+ scholarships. Vicenza, Maribor, Belfast and Lisbon are some of the cities where our young fellows lived a personal and professional developing experience. Our activity wasn’t limited to this: Fundación Montemadrid not only… Read more “An oasis for the people in the neighborhood”

Palma Scarano

An experience to have contacts with other cultures…

Merseyside Expanding Horizons regularly hosts interns from different parts of Europe, and we are registered as hosting organisation on SEND Mobility Platform. The platform helps the matching with the students and their universities, as well as support all the parts involved. Having students from  different countries in the office feeds our multicultural working environment. Working in… Read more “An experience to have contacts with other cultures…”

Merseyside Expanding Horizons (UK)

An opportunity to learn and retrain!

Casa San Cristóbal is a socio-cultural center closely linked to the needs and concerns of the neighborhood in which it is located. Our programming includes workshops, activities and projects aimed at promoting integral training, expanding the cultural horizon and forming proactive, sensitive and inquisitive citizenship towards their surroundings, both locally and globally. We work in… Read more “An opportunity to learn and retrain!”

Fundacion Montemadrid_Casa San Cristóbal

Traineeship in Law

My experience in the law firm “Scornik Gerstein LLP” had been really formative, helpful and good for my future. In these 2 months I increased many aspects and I learnd many new topic of different laws. This law firm works both with common law (uk law) and civil law (European law). They give me many… Read more “Traineeship in Law”

Chiara Fantauzza

Tourism and Wine in Bordeaux

My Erasmus + traineeship in Bordeaux is a valuable experience for my future career and personal growth. I’ve spent 3 months in a Museum of Wine & Commerce in Bordeaux, working in an international team with multicultural public. My main responsibilities were to welcome tourists at the reception, explain them what to expect from the… Read more “Tourism and Wine in Bordeaux”

Katerina Ufimtseva

“Occupy Climate Change” in Sweden

I am Elisa Privitera, a Ph.D. student in Evaluation and Mitigation of Urban and Land Risks at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Catania. In addition, I am a member of the LabPEAT, Laboratory for the Environmental and Ecological Design at the University of Catania (Italy). As SEND Erasmus fellow,… Read more ““Occupy Climate Change” in Sweden”

Elisa Privitera