A real European citizen!

BySara Paolazzo

A real European citizen!

My name is Francesco Di Simone . I am graduated in Engineering management at “Università degli studi di Palermo” on 22nd March 2019. After that I started my traineeship experience few weeks after the 1st April in Brussels, Belgium. My receiving organisation was EuAbout-European Researches and Projects for Educational, Cultural and Social innovation. The office is in Rue Charles Martel 54 in Brussels, the European city centre really close to the European Commission.

The first day when I arrived at the office, I saw the European buildings and I felt excited and a real European citizen. I was happy to starting this new job as a new graduate. The number of working hours per weeks were 40 from Monday to Friday.

The two main activities of the traineeship were desk research on principal areas of European policies and attending and reporting meetings or conferences about mine specific area of interest such as Energy, waste and transport management following the principles of Project Cycle Management enacted by the European Commission. In addition, I researched, analysed and drafted short policy paper relating to some of the main field of organization and on his expertise as Smart grid system in China, Pumped Hydro Storage plant in Begin, and the business model structure of two Italian small enterprise that work one on the field of plastic recycling machinery and the other on agricultural system and machine prototype for the nettle fibre’s harvest and production. Moreover, I focused my attention on financial analysis of this project, funding more opportunities and using SME instrument project proposal to their implementation.

Until now I would like to say thanks for this great experience . Now I feel a member of Eu-About and I improved my skills as decision making, communication, innovation and creativity, foreign language skills, teamworking, initiative, adaptability. Moreover, I learned how European Institutions work and how to make my voice heard at European level by taking advantage of a reliable representative for European Institutions and how to work with national, transnational and European Projects.

In conclusion I think that now I have been able to enter quickly into the working process and easily working in team and in complex tasks and activities. I can be able to manage complex tasks and coordinate other colleagues. I can be able to work in flexible way on tasks and deadline approach.

So this traineeship was great for my growth in professional ways and I recommend it to everybody!!

Francesco Di Simone, student at Università degli Studi di Palermo

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