In order to become aware of the competences acquired and developed in the various moments of your professional and non-professional life, it is important to draw up your own portfolio of skills and knowledge.

Through the competences self-assessment it is possible to identify an action plan relating to the search for the mobility experience to be carried out and/or to redesign your own study path and/or your professional life. Moreover it helps to prepare a good CV and Motivation Letter to present youself, which is the first step to apply for a job or traineeship position.

Watch the tutorial to edit a good Europass CV trhough the new platform, lauched on July 2020!

To draw up a portfolio of your own competences before and after mobility or in other moment of your life, you can use different tools.

For instance, it is possible to find interesting online tests to assess your soft-skills such as:

  • Career Management Skills – Career Management Skills (CMS) are competencies which help individuals to identify their existing skills, develop career learning goals and take action to enhance their careers[1]. The assessment tool below will help people evaluate their career management skills. It consists of 36 statements, addressing the 12 career skills[2], described in the glossary, which include Self-awareness, Labor Market Awareness, Employability, Career Planning, Resilience, Problem Solving, Creativity, Self-Employment, Collaboration, Curiosity, Communication Leadership. Link for the test:
  • Coping skills – Coping is the use of cognitive and behavioral strategies to manage the demands of a situation when these are appraised as exceeding one’s resources or to reduce the negative emotions and conflict caused by stress[3]. The following test consist of 38 item and assesses coping skills and predominant methods of coping with stress:

Moreover in the Guide for Self-Assement edited by Send Mobility Consortium, you may find a structured path for your self-asssment and evaluation before and after the mobility experience, as well as test to assess your skills. While on Europass website it is possible to create your e-porfolio, recognize your competences and gather all the documents of your mobility experience (i.e. Europass Mobility, Language Passport, Open Badges etc…), as well as to find job and study opportunities in Europe!

Watch the video of the European Parliament about Europass and the webinar “Brand Yourself!” about tools and strategies for Personal Branding

See also the documents below to get further information about your self-assement, CV, Motivation Letter and job interview online.

[1] Adapted from ELGPN, 2012

[2] Self-awareness, Labour market awareness, Employability, Career planning, Resilience, Problem solving, Creativity, Self-employment skills, Collaboration, Curiosity and inquisitiveness, Communication and customer orientation, Leadership.