Traineeships and mobility experiences, implemented by SEND Mobility Consortium, are within the field of Innovation, understood in its different forms and desclinations. Throughout the mobility of individuals in Europe, the Consortium contibutes to the development and the exchange of innovative ideas and processes, which may create added value for our societies.

Innovation is a creative process that includes the capacity and ability to see opportunities and implement them in a manner which adds value in a broad sense: add value in a economic, social, technological, cultural sense. It can be incremental when it is characterised by small ideas which lead to improvement of extisting processes, products or methods. It can be radical when the invention or change has not been seen before.

The beauty of innovation is that it is not necessarily linked to the economic increment, but there are different types of Innovation. Our project and Consortium take into account 3 of those types:

  1. Economical Innovation > commercial application of a profit-driven idea;
  2. Technological Innovation > a new and more efficient method of transforming material reality;
  3. Social Innovation > idea and proccess aiming to meet social needs in a better way than existing solutions.

Innovation includes different sectors, disciplines and a wide range of professional profiles. In other words, it includes all actions and jobs which trigger positive changes!!!

Discover through the pdfs and videos below what Innovation is and its different forms….

For practical tips to become a social entrepreneur in few simple steps, click HERE and consult the guide created by the project #PlayEurope. The guide offers an interesting pathway on social entrepreneurship, with advices, key business elements, infographics, interesting videos and educational games to develop the needed technical and cross-sectorial skills to be a innovator!