In order to become aware of the competences acquired and developed in the various moments of your professional and non-professional life, it is important to draw up your own portfolio of skills and knowledge.

Through the competences self-assessment it is possible to identify an action plan relating to the search for the mobility experience to be carried out and/or to the redesign your own course of study and/or your professional life. Moreover it helps you to prepare a good CV and Motivation Letter to present youself, which is the first step to apply for a job or traineeship position.

To draw up a portfolio of your own competences before and after mobility or in other moment of your life, you can use different tools, some of them uploaded below.

For instance, on ISFOL website it is possible to find interesting online tests to assess your competences or materials related to this topic. Moreover in the guide edited by Send Mobility Consortium, you may find a structured path for your self-asssment and evaluation before and after the mobility experience.

Other documents below provide you further information to write a good Europass CV and Motivation Letter ( visit also the Europass website to get further information about) and to face a job interview via skype.