A Dynamic and Modern Reality for Architecture

BySara Paolazzo

A Dynamic and Modern Reality for Architecture

My name is Cristiana Messina, I’m a 25 years old Italian Architect, recently graduated at University of Palermo. In order to increase my knowledge in a new environment, comparing myself with different mentalities and cultures and adding a positive experience to my resume, I decided to participate in the call for applications of SEND for post-graduate mobility.

The reasons   why I chose Barcelona, mainly concern the characteristics that make this city, a dynamic and constantly evolving reality, in areas ranging from design to advanced architecture.

Thanks to a previous study experience at the ETSAB, University of Barcelona, I developed and improved personal characteristics such as greater sense of responsibility and organization, spirit of initiative and collaboration, to acquire new practical skills thanks to the different design approaches, in continuous experimentation through the sharing of ideas and opinions.

My experience in Barcelona and in Miralles and Tagliabue’s studio was inspiring and exciting. I worked in different phases of international projects and competitions, which allowed me to share knowledge and creativity and to work in a dynamic team.

I gave an important contribution in the design development, sharing my knowledge and creativity in the field with the rest of the team and thus helping to improve the working environment of the office with new, innovative and fresh ideas.

Furthermore, this experience has made me independent from various points of view and has allowed me to broaden my horizons with a new vision of architecture, thanks above all to the opportunities that this city has given me.

Cristiana Messina, degree student of Architecture at the University of Palermo



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