Full-fledged employee at Air Malta

BySara Paolazzo

Full-fledged employee at Air Malta

Having such an experience made me grow a lot. Collaborating with Air Malta was an honor for me because it is an important company. From day one, they treated me like a full-fledged employee.

I have had the same rights and duties as any employee and they have entrusted me with important assignments. I also had the opportunity to met important person such as the Minister of Economy.

During this experience I had the opportunity to improve my English and also learn a little bit of Maltese. Maltese is a very complicated but also fascinating language. I appreciated and loved the Maltese culture and I was very close to the place, to the point of wanting to have a working experience there.

Having done this internship for me will remain the best experience of my life, an experience that has made me grow personally and professionally.

Giusi Prezzavento, student at Università degli Studi di Catania


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