Provide opportunities to get Fresh ideas

BySara Paolazzo

Provide opportunities to get Fresh ideas

Leaders First main business it to provide professional networking, education and personal branding services to highly skilled professionals through online and in-person events, trainings, dinners, and various marketing activities. Subscription based services in the form of annual membership for international based audience.

We regularly host international trainees as we are an educational company and it is our aim to help others to grow professionally. We do host trainees from Italy as we have a large audience based in Italy, as well as in person events. Some of our communication with our members as we as some training are provided in Italian language.

Trainees are normally involved as  Accounting assistant, Business development assistant, Marketing assistant, Research Analyst.

At the beginning we offer them 1-2 weeks induction training and offer general advise. Afterwards we provide schedule for all activities (office hours or remote work hours), we monitor the progress and arrange review every 3-4 weeks with the senior manager, we offer mentoring and participation in company trainings.

We see many benefits in hosting international trainees  as all students arriving from SEND Consortium are very enthusiastic about learning new skills, improving their english language communication and practicing their skills in a professional environment. 

We think that companies should provide such opportunities to talented graduates who are eager to grow and develop professionally and develop their skills. Especially nowadays career opportunities are skimmed and graduates’ competitive advantage without a work experience is very low. This may result in even more unemployment among young graduates, who were not given a chance to apply their talents into practice. That’s why we are planning to continue hosting international students and graduates to support them on this not so easy journey to embark on a professional path.

We suggest to other orgnizations do not fear to take a graduate without much experience, talk to them, listen to their professional goals and if they match your company goals they can definitely bring some fresh ideas with them which can be applied into your business!

Masha Blinova, Leaders First co-founder (UK)


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