An Unforgettable Experience in Granada!

BySara Paolazzo

An Unforgettable Experience in Granada!

I am Carmelo Cona specialized in Economics and Business Management at the Kore University of Enna.

I decided to participate in the Erasmus+ Traineship call offered by the Send Consortium, because upon completion of my master’s degree I could take advantage of this wonderful internship outside Italy, and honestly an internship abroad allows you to grow culturally, professionally, and personally.

My experience took place at the University of Granada in the Faculty of Labor Relations and Human Resources, in Spain. My Tutor allowed me to interact with the world of work, entering in a practical way to carry out lessons and analyze practical cases with university students. The purpose of my internship was to learn, teaching and research in the university environment.

Personally, I lived an unforgettable experience, because thanks to this internship I met new people in the university environment, who allowed me to participate in international congresses obtaining certifications and acquiring new skills useful for a future job opportunity.

Participating in this opportunity is the best solution to learn about different cultures and to acquire intercultural skills. Furthermore, it helps you grow in all areas, especially in the work and professional one.


Carmelo Cona, student at University of KORE_Enna

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