Blended Mobility to respect anti-Covid measures

BySara Paolazzo

Blended Mobility to respect anti-Covid measures

After my graduation in Political Science and International Relations, I decided to undertake an  experience of working abroad with the Erasmus+ project. Despite the  difficult year that we are living , I tried to jump into this project in Poland. 

Having already done an Erasmus period I was already psychologically prepared for all the  unexpected and dynamic that could happen but fortunately the work in Poland was handled very  well. 

So , I was part of a WiPjobs company that deals with Recruiting, helps to find work for people who  require a certain type of job and conversely for entrepreneurs who ask for a certain type of skills  from the candidate . In this experience, WiPjobs worked with its main partner: MaterEuropei, a  highly qualified Master that takes place in 4 different countries.  

WiPjobs has focused on guiding the students of this master’s degree to the best of their abilities,  preparing them to manage new challenges, improving their personal qualities and supporting  them throughout their growth path. The main tasks were in fact the Cvs & Cover Letter Editorial  support, Job interview simulations in English/Italian, support for the care of the personal & self  brand of the students, support for the optimization of the Linkedin profiles, sharing of  differentiated job offers for each master’s degree, updates on Reporting and on all the daily  dynamics; Care of relations with partner companies.  

Moreover, organization and planning assistance to the didactic and documentation internship,  responsible to the search of company and external partners. All this clearly keeping the necessary  distances and precautions to contain the covid-19 emergency.  

We also had a few days of distance support at the end of the internship, doing career coaching on  Skype. 

The working hours were 40 and we worked every day inside the Vistula University, except on the  days off that often happened on the weekend. In fact, in addition to the work experience, my  team and I were also able to manage small trips out of port to see the Polish culture and  cities. Always maintaining all prevention measures for covid-19 . For example in Krakow to see the  concentration camps of Auschwitz and the next day the salt mines. 

With this I want to underline that in addition to the work experience and the commitment I put in  the first person in carrying out this activity , you can also enjoy the experience looking at new  realities and cultures. 

I highly recommend this experience of internship abroad, clearly keeping a focus on the work and  tasks to be performed. This helps the institution but also helps the trainee to get in touch with the  world of work . With WiPjobs, it was a perfect match.


Chiara Bellanca, graduated student at University of Palermo.

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