Social Innovation in Healthcare

BySara Paolazzo

Social Innovation in Healthcare

At the end of November 2020 I concluded my Erasmus traineeship experience, promoted by the  organisation SEND Sicily, at the Pediatric Surgery Department of Tübingen’s University Clinic in  Germany.

The aim of the project was to promote social innovation, in my case in the health field.  During my internship at department 32 of Crona Klinik in Tübingen, I faced myself with my future  job and had many interesting experiences that increased my professional and personal background. 

The traineeship included 42 hours a week to be spent in ward carrying out the pediatric patients  admissions, in the pediatric emergency department, in the outpatient clinic and in the operating  room to assist surgeons during their work. Very interesting and instructive were also the daily  meetings to discuss the clinical cases of the day. 

My work was supported by the pediatric clinic team who guided and assisted me during each  procedure, explaining step by step the main tasks performed in the ward. Many tasks were still  assigned to me independently, thus promoting my ability to manage personal responsibilities.

In my opinion, the growth of my professional figure can make a fundamental contribution to the  development of social innovations in the future, through my future commitment to improving health conditions and developing new personalized assistance strategies for each patient, of any social and  economical condition. From this point of view I can be fully satisfied with my experience and a  special thanks goes to the staff of the SEND Sicily organization, who supported me efficiently and  promptly. 

Through this project I have significantly increased my specific technical skills in the medical field,  my ability to work in a team, the relations with the public as well as my language skills. I believe I have greatly enriched my personal background and I would highly recommend this  experience to everyone.


Daniele Scordato, student of Medicine at University of Palermo.


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