WEBINAR “Social Innovation as an agent of change”

BySara Paolazzo

WEBINAR “Social Innovation as an agent of change”

Send, in collaboration with Arca Consortium, organizes the webinar “Social Innovation as an agent of change.


 In the framework of Erasmus+ “Universities for Eu projects”  promoted by Send Mobility consortium is organized by SEND and ARCA Consortium the webinar Social Innovation as an agent of change.

The webinar aims to deepen the skills that can be developed during an E+ mobility and that are increasingly required to implement actions aimed at sustainability and social innovation.

Taking the path of sustainable development requires a profound transformation of the way we think and act. To create a more sustainable world and engage with sustainability issues, individuals, especially young people, must become agents of change towards sustainability. They need knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will make them stronger for their contribution to sustainable development. Education, training and internship experiences in Italy or abroad are therefore crucial for achieving sustainable development.

So why is it so difficult to value and support the skills of young people in a rapidly changing society? What are the key competences that young people need to acquire to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

We will talk about it during the webinar that will be held in hybrid mode on May 11 from 15.30 to 17.00 at the ARCA Consortium and simultaneously on zoom.


Introduction: the SEND Consortium and the call “Universities for Eu projects”

  • Next Generation EU: the 3 pillars
  • Social innovation as an agent of change
  • The 17 objectives
  • What skills to develop for the new digital labour market
  • Conclusion: SEND Mobility Platform and Mobility News E+ 2021-2027

Date and time of webinar:11st May 2022 from 3.30pm to 5.00pm CET

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(registration will be allowed up to maximum 100 participants) 

Speakers biography 

Sara Paolazzo: graduated in International Relations at University of Pavia. She is project manager and coordinator of mobility consortium at Send association. Since 2013, she has dealt with international mobility and European projects for Erasmus+ programme. 

Monica Guizzardi: she deals with communication strategies in dynamic and innovative environments, enhancing institutional brands and accompanying young companies and spinoff on the market by using the methodology of coaching. For more than 10 years he has been working as head of Communication at the Consorzio ARCA, incubator of UNIPA companies, and is one of the founders of Scalo 5B.

For more information > https://sendsicilia.it/webinar-innovazione-sociale-come-agente-di-cambiamentO

The webinar is also available in FB live streaming on @SENDSICILIA!


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