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Do you have general questions about your mobility with SEND Consortium? Here you can ask these questions to your peers and start a discussion with them. For specific questions about documents, accomodation&living conditions and hosting organization, please use the related forums.

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Mobilità blended e v...

Sara Paolazzo


What documents you need to prepare before your departure? how should you fill them in? what you should do after getting all the pre-departure documents? what about the insurance? do you need a visa? what document you should fill in to ask an extension or reduction of your mobility? which documents you need at the end of your traineeship abroad? what is the acceptance letter and the arrival letter? etc..These and other questions concerning the documents for your mobility could be asked and discussed with your peers!!

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Hosting Organizations

Do you have difficulties in finding an appropiate hosting organization and you want ask advices? Do you want an opinion about the organization you have found on SEND Mobility Platoform? Do you want to give advice or suggest a specific hosting organization to the other students? Here you can get information and start discussions with your peers about these topics...

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Scelta dell'ente osp...

Sara Paolazzo

Accomodation & Living in the destination country

Don't you know where to find a flat in your city of destination? Do you want to suggest a website or useful contact to find a flat? Do you want to know some curiosity about the culture and the language in your destination country or do want simply get contacts with other students that are going to do their traineeship in the same city? Here you can start a discussion with your peers about your stay in your country or city of destination!!

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Sara Paolazzo