Monthly Archive 26/02/2020

BySara Paolazzo


From today, aFORUMis available for all the users of SEND Mobility Platform. Thanks to this new functions it will be possible to ask your peers for advice, information and feedbacks on the various aspects of mobility for traineeship in the framework of the project “Universities for Eu projects”.

The FORUM is designed with the aim of facilitating the communication and sharing of information within this community, in order to better manage and organize your own mobility experience. It will also be a useful tool to get in touch with other Italian students, participating in the same project, who will carry out the internship in the same city or in the same hosting organizations.

For this purpose, the FORUM foresees three main topics:

  • F.A.Q .: general issues relating to mobility
  • Documents: issues relating to documents (eg Learning Agreement, Grant Agreement, visa, insurance etc …)
  • Hosting Organizations: questions regarding host entities such as suggestions on how to find an institution, feedback regarding a specific institution, etc.
  • Accomodation & Living in the destination country: questions regarding the search for accommodation and the stay in the destination city.

To access this function, you must first log in to the SEND platform with your credentials. At this point under “Reserved Area” the item “Forum” will appear in the drop-down menu. By clicking on it you will be able to access the various sections described above, where it will be possible to send a request by clicking on “Add Topic” at the top right. To stay constantly updated and receive notifications on all or on a specific topic, simply click on “Subscribe for new topics” at the bottom left.

Do you have doubts about your mobility? Are you having difficulty finding accommodation? Do you want more information than the host organization? Or do you simply want to get in touch with other students who will have the same experience? The FORUM can be for you!

It is recommended to use this tool responsibly without creating alarms or hate speech phenomena!